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Primal Code

The art of understanding has been going to seed for ages; long lost in the fog of advanced mathematics. The Primal Code Theory deals with layers of unknown worlds far below the Planck constant. The Primal Code does not infringe on a Standard Model that is totally unaware of any hidden principles serving as its foundation; its painstakingly constructed mathematical model of particle physics, an irrefutable edifice of human ingenuity is unfortunately built on the wrong kind of quantum sand. The Primal Code is based on the behavior of a corporeal primal atom split out of zero with an adverse twin atom. It lays out a handful of principles on how and why a primal particle with no inherent internal qualities (except its relation to zero) can cause identical random splits. The primal atom is all there is. It has no energy in any sense of the word. By splits, it can proliferate and gather in clouds but, as the smallest Universal unit, it cannot project any external effect across a void. It does however have a unique coordinate relation to other atoms, a coordinate system relative to any linear Universal movement and rotation. These coordinates are not really an inherent property of atoms. The Primal Code lays out a handful of inviolable principles that govern this world, a blend of parental and newborn coordinates; the only thing keeping the Universe going. The conceptual Primal Code explains the nature of material systems with duality of mass and movement where collective primal interactions lead to all the different faces of primal energy that reach us sifted through many layers of material systems that warp them like funny mirrors reflecting our faces. The Primal Code takes you from the smallest Big Bang ever conceived through formation of gargantuan globular Mattrons built of ten raised to the power of 912 primal atoms built of equal number of matter and antimatter atoms in a salient blend (which is which does not really matter). The immense Mattrons are absurdly smaller than the Planck constant and are hardly ever split into two adverse singular Mattrons which are electromagnetic photons of one singular sign but it happens occasionally with interesting consequences. This book tells you why globular neutral Hydrons form globular structures of ten raised to the power of 228 Mattrons and it shows how these Hydrons exchange their primal emission from the rare primal splits their internal primal mass generates. Neutrons, Protons, Electrons and even Neutrinos are all Hydrons that can communicate by rarified coronas of singular mattrons. This book shows what Gravity is and explains the Gravitational Constant. It illustrates the Strong force and electromagnetic wavelength, frequency and reasons for photoelectric effects and photon absorption. The hard thing for the reader is to lose the baggage of a lifetime and travel light. All the inviolable logic is built solely on the Primal code that is not an accessory to the Standard Model but an entirely self-contained theory of matter and antimatter. There is no help to be had elsewhere. The one question the Primal Code cannot answer as its material layers peek above the parapet of the Planck constant is why its garbled material world, of which the Standard Model knows nothing, looks exactly like our Universe with all its natural laws. Perhaps in time, the Primal Code can provide a firmer foundation for the Standard Model of particle physics. The conceptual illustrations of the Primal Code allow you to grasp the elegant organization of a Universe.
  • Jazyk: Angličtina
  • Vazba: Pevná vazba
  • ISBN13 (EAN): 9789197966757
  • Kategorie: Quantum physics (quantum mechanics & quantum field theory)
  • Počet stran: 458
  • Rozměry (mm): 229 x 152 x 30
  • Vydavatel: Eventhor Media
  • Rok vydání: 2015

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